Ok so you’ve got that great idea and it could be the start of something amazing but there’s all this tricky business bit to get through before you can realise that dream. We can get you on the right road and help you through the business maze so that you can turn that dream into reality with the right advice. We are connected to a number of key business partners who can support you with setting up business bank accounts, co-operatives and we can link you in with organisations that may be able to release grant funding depending on your status and business idea.

Once your business is up and running there are several activities that you will need to do to maintain the business alongside actually doing what you have set out to do. We can help with different aspects of business management such as pay roll, administration and planning depending on what you need. 

  • Business Advice
  • Business Start Ups
  • Business Planning
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Financial Management
  • Company formations – Limited Companies

It is important that you register your company properly with Companies House and ensure that the associated documents are also in place. We can complete this process for you on your behalf. 

  • Business Administrations
  • Pay Roll Services

If you employ and pay staff via PAYE you must provide payslips for all members of your team. We have a dedicated payroll specialist who can do this all for you. 

  • HMRC Registration

There are different forms and codes for each type of registration to HMRC which have to be done as a form of good business practice. We will sit down with you and work out what you do need to be registered for and when; and complete the forms with you and register them on line. 

  • Auto Enrolment

The Government has introduced new legislation in 2012 regarding pensions and is gradually phasing in Auto-enrolment which is designed to remove the barriers to joining a pension scheme. It means that eligible jobholders will usually be automatically enrolled into a qualifying workplace pension scheme. If you employ people who qualify for Auto-enrolment and you are unsure what scheme to use or who to set this up please contact us now so we can support you. We have links with several major pensions’ specialists who we can refer you to once we have worked out what will suit you best.